Djuno AI helps optimize cloud IT for better performance and lower costs

Telling an application delivery team to mind the cloud budget is like telling a Formula1 racer to mind the fuel budget.
They both just want to win.

  • Cloud providers have complicated, opaque contracts and pricing rules.
  • Cost analysis and comparison mean manual processing of spreadsheets.
  • Both utilization and billing are irregular and hard to predict.

Solution: Let our AI make sure you get the best ROI on your cloud budgets

  • Machine learning predicts infrastructure utilization and detects seasonalities and code anomalies.
  • Automation of the ongoing predictive cost analysis and recommendations.
  • Price discovery with live price comparison to find the best alternative solutions, providers, and prices.

Impact: 30% lower cloud bills, double the performance

Working with Djuno

  • Independent and cloud-agnostic.
  • Market-leading data privacy and security. Clients own and control all the data.
  • Light touch approach. No integration required.
  • Experienced team (Microsoft, T-Mobile, Nationwide, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development).
  • Trusted by industry leaders from Amazon, Avasant, PWC, Cap Gemini, IBM.
  • Fast ROI.

Test Djuno AI

Test Djuno AI, a light touch demo tool built using our machine learning modules. It’s 100% free and doesn’t require any registration. Just upload your server utilization and billing data. Our AI will predict future utilization, seasonality and generate a list of recommendations that can reduce your cloud costs.

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Djuno Inc. is registered in the US, but we work globally from physical locations in England, Switzerland, and California.

We’re on Twitter and LinkedIn

To discuss your requirements and our pricing please email Michal Bacia, CRO michal (at), or get in touch with our sales team ([email protected]).


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